Mission Statement

The specific activities of the Veterinary & Comparative Clinical Immunology Society (VCCIS) all endeavor to advance knowledge creation and dissemination in this nascent clinical discipline, thus raising its profile and potential to drive healthcare innovation in all species of animals and people.

The Society aspires to deliver on this goal by means of the following objectives:

  1. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on any topics relating to veterinary and comparative clinical immunology
  2. To develop evidence-based consensus statements and other citable publications that articulate best practice in clinical immunology
  3. To organize parallel interest group tracks within the annual conferences of larger relevant bodies (e.g. the American or European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine), and in due course, stand-alone symposia
  4. To develop a grants program to support competitive research in veterinary clinical immunology, while promoting a comparative approach (i.e. One Health) when appropriate
  5. To develop a formal route to specialization in clinical immunology by means of an accredited Fellowship program

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