Board of directors

Dr. Oliver Garden
Founder & President



Dr. Linda Kidd
Vice President


Dr. Dana LeVine



Dr. John Loftus



Dr. Shauna Blois


Dr. Claire Fellman


Dr. Jonathan Fogle


Dr. Robert Goggs




Dr. Domenico Santoro


Dr. James William Swann


Richard Johnson
Executive Director

Mr. Richard Johnson is a retired accountant and auditor, and small business consultant. He has been working in the private and nonprofit industry for the past 30 years, having developed a niche in assisting organizations obtaining their nonprofit status while also providing support for their bookkeeping and organizational management. While assisting one client many years ago, Richard volunteered to serve in the capacity of their events coordinator and has since become a large events planner for other organizations who have needed help in running conferences. Richard founded Happy Doc Summer Camp and its affiliated nonprofit organization, Angels of Hippocrates, whose mission is to tackle physician burnout, mental health issues among medical professionals, and personal wellness strategies to help cope with workplace stress. Richard's strong management skills, attention to detail, accounting experience, and passion and love for animals is what he brings to VCCIS. He is delighted to be involved with such a great team of people.




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