Upcoming Presentations

Registration for our monthly online presentation series for Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 is open.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis hosted by Dr. Krystle Reagan and Dr. Brian Murphy (Oct 20, 4:00 pm ET)

Review on Large Animal Clinical Immunology hosted by Dr. Julia Felippe (Nov 10, 4:00 pm ET)

New Developments in Host Resistance to Bovine Respiratory Disease hosted by Dr. Amelia Woolums (Dec 8, 4:00 pm ET)

Diagnosis of Immune-Mediated Anemias in Dogs and Cats hosted by Dr. Cynthia Lucidi (Jan 26, 4:00 pm ET)

The Force Awakens: Induction of Innate Immune Memory hosted by Dr. Angela Bordin (Feb 23, 4:00 pm ET)

TBD (Mar 2024)

Oxidative Stress and the RBC: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer hosted by Dr. Andrew Woolcock (Apr 26, 4:00 pm ET)

TBD (May 2024)

All of our presentations are complimentary (free) for everyone, including non-members of VCCIS. However, you will be asked to register so we can reserve space for you and send you reminders. Presentations are recorded and made available for viewing on-demand to VCCIS members only in our Forums.

Most presentations begin at 4:00 pm Eastern Time (some presentations may be scheduled a different time to accommodate international facilitators and guests). Zoom details are provided in the confirmation email sent upon successfully registering. We've also posted the Zoom details in the members-only section of our website, or contact us directly for login details at info@vccis.org.

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Recorded Presentations


January: T Cells Behaving Badly hosted by Dr. Anne Avery

February: Review of Common Immunodiagnostic Tests in Companion Animals (Resident focus) hosted by Dr. Shauna Blois and Dr. Austin Viall

March: Immunology Review hosted by Dr. Oliver Garden

April: ITP Consensus Diagnostic Portion hosted by Dr. Dana LeVine and Dr. Linda Kidd

May: ITP Consensus - Therapeutic Recommendations hosted by Dr. Robert Goggs


January: Review of Immunomodulatory Drugs: Reviewing the Evidence and Putting Them into Practice - Hosted by John Loftus

February: IMHA: From Diagnosis to Treatment - Hosted by Oliver Garden

March: No presentation

April: Applications and Limitations of Immunologic Testing for Horses with Suspected Immunodeficiency - Hosted by Julia Felippe

May: Diagnosis and Clinical Outcome of Small Cell B Cell Diseases in Dogs - Hosted by Emily Rout

September: Case Management in Immune Mediated Diseases with possible Infectious Diseases hosted by Dr. John Thomason

October: Passive Immunization for Control of Rhodococcal Pneumonia of Foals: Something Old, Something Knew, Something Borrowed, Something Blew … hosted by Noah Cohen)

November: Links Between Gastrointestinal Microbiome and Brain Inflammation hosted by Dr. Nick Jeffery


June: Immune thrombocytopenia across species – a 2021 update on pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of human ITP - Hosted by James Bussel

September: Examining gene expression in canine interface dermatitis conditions - Hosted by Jillian Richmond

October:  Immune mediated disease and vector borne infections - Hosted by Linda Kidd

November: Leveraging Canine Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma to Optimize Immunotherapy  Combination Regimens - Hosted by Cheryl London

VCCIS members can view these video recordings anytime. If you're a member, head over to the Forums where you'll find the link to watch these informative presentations!

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